572860-EPP-1-2016-1-RO-SPO-SNCESE - "Sport in Nature for All"

The project


Sport in Nature for All


The general objective of the project is to increase European citizens’ participation in sports by organizing an orienteering competition addressed to non-professionals from at least 3 countries, from a variety of cultural backgrounds and ethnic communities.

The event will take place during the European Week of Sport (September 12-18) in Predeal – one of the most well-known touristic resorts from Romania and will engage teams of young people of both genders from 5 different countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey) in activities that will enhance physical activity, good health and social inclusion.

The main objectives

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through the practice of sports by involving over 150 non-professionals in an international orienteering competition.

Raising awareness with regard to the importance and role of orienteering as a competitional sport.

The project addresses the needs of multiple target groups.
If you are interested in participating to the project, please fill in the form and contact us.

- people aged 14 to 20 years, who do not practice sports on a regular basis and are rather amateurs than professionals, but to whom orienteering can bring important benefits in terms of health, fitness and personal development;

- non-professionals of all ages who wish to improve their health and knowledge of nature through orienteering;

- the large public, who needs to improve its awareness regarding both the benefits of orienteering as well as its importance and role as an individual and team sport;

- coaches and representatives of orienteering clubs, who will enhance their capacity to implement transnational projects by sharing best practices and experiences.