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Sport in Nature for All - Follow Up

Thank you once again for your presence in Predeal and for your great support during the event. I believe that meeting together in future competitions and training camps would strengthen the bonds created and the young runners will gain orienteering experience and friends for life. .

I was thinking that, maybe we can connect several orienteering events, either in the same country or in neighboring ones (i.e Bulgaria- Romania; Croatia- Serbia-Macedonia, etc), and we could have "tours": competition+ training camp+ another competition. Most of us travel by car to orienteering events, so it is difficult to travel long distances(600 - 800 km) for a 2-3 days event, and then come back home. However, a 2- 3 days competition+ running interesting races on new terrains and maps in a short training camp+ another 2-3 days competition on the way home would make our events more attractive, runners will compete together more often and will develop better.

Matching together our programs is a difficult task because we have to take into consideration many aspects among which schools and university calendar from each country. However, we could try :)

Please, could you send me the dates and the general locations of the competitions/ training camps you plan to organize or to go at ? I'll centralize them and, maybe we can connect some of them.

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    Nikola Pajcin - Croatian Delegation

    Posted on 15 October, 2016

    Thanks again for hosting and organizing beautiful gatherings with the aim of promoting the development of our sport. For now I send you an informal version invitation for our competition, and the other will let you know. With the competition can be extended stay all interested members of the training camp that we can further organize and invite other interested participants to join us!

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    Valentin Kamenarov - Bulgaria Delegation

    Posted on 28 October, 2016

    We received an invitation to an event organized by the Serbian Orienteering Federation - a training seminar about orienteering and a sprint race in the Kalemegdan fortress. Please check their website: .http://www.orijentiring.rs/srb/index.php

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      Posted on 29 October, 2016 Author

      Thank you, the lectures seem very interesting! Are you going?


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